• Aadhaar Creation and Updation Centre

  • Permanent Enrollment Centre and Sweep Mode

  • Good Payout for Manpower Services

  • National Mandate From Multiple Enrollment Agencies

Aadhaar Services

Apna Sewa Kendra Centres are currently being doubled up as Aadhar Permanent Enrolment Centres where multiple companies are using the setup to perform enrolments and provide various services of Aadhar Card Creation and updation facilty for citizens. Citizens are now able to reap the benefits of Aadhaar Card Services at Apna Sewa Kendra.

As an onwer of Apna Sewa Kendra, you have the option to start Aadhaar Enrolments for citizen and Aadhaar Updation facility. This provides good walk-ins for you too. We have associations with various enrollment agencies PAN India which ensures that wherever, there is a mandate from the government, we have the association.

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