• Provide cash@POS facility from Apna Sewa Kendra outlet.

  • Earn Commission From Every Swipe.

  • Device Provided is battery operated and GPRS Enabled

  • Full Time Support From SBI and Apna Sewa Kendra


Apna Sewa Kendra has tied up with SBI and multiple other payment processing companies like Paynear, onGO to provide Cash @ POS facility at all its CSC centres. Salient features include withdrawal from SBI Cash@POS machine through any debit card. This acquires significance as generally ATM facility at rural locations are not available due to challenges in cash management and electricity. Our machines are battery equipped and GPRS enabled to ensure mobility. Basically we can call it Mobile ATM. Our centres are equipped with sufficient cash to ensure no one goes home empty handed.

We are offering machines rent free if there are 600 transactions per month. We would like to confirm that the deployment will take not more than 7 days. Along with SBI Micro ATM, we are also offering Money Transfer facility along with other 30 services to ensure all is available at our outlet.

Apply online to get the machine at the earliest.

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Deploy and Earn from SBI Micro ATM.

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